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ExxonMobil Chemical Plant (286), Baton Rouge

LDEQ Accident Report

Accident #115611
State Police #09-03024
Accident Date2009-06-12
Report Date 2009-06-12
Follow-up Date 0000-00-00
Follow-up: No

Pollutants Released

Pollutant Duration Point Source Greenhouse Gas Criteria Pollutant Ozone forming chemical Amount of Release
BenzeneNo Information GivenpipeNONOYES10.0 pounds
ButadieneNo Information GivenpipeNONOYES10.0 pounds
NapthaleneNo Information GivenpipeNONOYES100.0 pounds
EthyleneNo Information GivenpipeNONOYES100.0 pounds
PropyleneNo Information GivenpipeNONOYES100.0 pounds
Polynuclear Aromatic HydrocarbonsNo Information GivenpipeNONOYES1.0 pounds

Accident Classified As: No Information Given

Cause of Problem: Piping or Tubing

Pinhole leak in a pipe.

Discharge Preventable - No Information Given

Notes/Remedial Actions

There was a pinhole leak in a pipe. They were working to repair it. Said they would call with an update.