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Shell Chemical East (26336), Norco

Releases of Nitric Oxide

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

OL-5 Elevated Flare (EPN 6-84) & Ground Flare (7-84)
OL-5 Elevated Flare (EPN 6-84) & Ground Flare (7-84
Cause: On November 28, 2013, OL-5 operations experienced a false high flow reading on a flow controller that resulted in high pressure in the diethanolamine stripper overhead. The high pressure caused a backup pressure controller to open the OL-5 Elevated Flare and OL-5 Ground Flare.

Followup: Yes

Notes: Upon investigation, it was discovered that the false high flow was the result of the plugging of one of the two transmitter taps. OL-5 operations and maintenance personnel cleared a plug from the transmitter taps of the flow controller, and the flow reading returned to normal operating conditions. The OL-5 Process Unit was safely returned to normal operation conditions, and the flaring stopped. Follow up report states that "additional measures to prevent reoccurrence have not been identified".
0.3 pounds