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Phillips 66 (2418), Belle Chasse

Releases of Propane

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release
No LDEQ Reported

Saturate Gas Unit (7991-PSV-18)
Cause: Pressure control valve BPC-244 malfunctioned gave a false signal of being open when actually in the closed position. This caused the pressure relief valve 7991-PSV-18 to lift for 5 minutes.

Followup: Yes

Notes: Assured they would operate this at a Òlow pressureÓ pending findings of the investigation.
8,881.0 pounds

Saturated Gas Plant 7991-V-2
Cause: Failure of the Process Safety Valve

Followup: No

Notes: Could not have been predicted, preventative safety measures were in place already.
10,841.0 pounds
No LDEQ Reported

Cause: The propane refrigeration compressor 100K2 was unable to lower the pressure. The venting to the flare was not sufficient to lower the pressure, so the vent to atmosphere was opened.

Followup: No

Notes: Preliminary investigation results indicate the insulating coating applied as a replacement of asbestos containing insutation removed duringt he Hurricane Katrina recovery period is not performing as advertised. This results in higher tank temperaure.
64,202.0 pounds
No LDEQ Reported

Cause: The 293-KN-1 compressor tripped due to a false high level alarm from the suction drum 293-V-5. The suction drum had had been drained by the unit operator but the local level alarm continued to show a high level signal to the compressor. Thie high level alarm indicator caused the compressor to trip unexpectedly. The compressor's turbine could not be reset immediately resulting in 293-PSV-4A lifting to the atmosphere for a short duration.

Followup: yes

Notes: None
904.0 pounds

Cause: The Propane Pilpeline Pump was secured, bled down and isolated for maintenance. Personnel then reported a leak on the suction flange. To isolate the leak a 300 foot section of 10' diameter piping had to be de-pressured by venting liquid propane in the section to the atmosphere. There is no access to the flare system in this area of the tank field.

Followup: No

Notes: A plan was developed and executed to safely de-pressure the line and install a blind to isolate the leak.
No LDEQ Reported

FLARE-PSV-84 relief valve on Reactor (491-V-49)
Cause: Valve failure cause by a power surge from lightening.

Followup: Yes

Notes: Incident due to a valve failure caused by a power surge from lightning. Motor control and trim on valve fixed.
25.0 pounds

1391-FF (1391-PSV-009)
Cause: There was an unexpected increase in the Depantanizer tower's overhead pressure causing PSV-009 to relieve. This was the result of the shutdown of the reboiler due to high burner pressure.

Followup: No

Notes: The reboiler (1391-H-4) temperature was lowered which lowered the pressure in the Depantanizer Tower allowing 1391-PSV-009 to reseat. There is no LDEQ report and no SPOC report attached to this file. 19,570 pounds released
6,470.4 pounds