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Marathon Ashland Petroleum (3165), Garyville

LDEQ Accident Report

Accident #148876
State Police #13-02257
Accident Date2013-05-22
Report Date 2013-05-24
Follow-up Date 2013-10-23
Follow-up: Yes

Pollutants Released

Pollutant Duration Point Source Greenhouse Gas Criteria Pollutant Ozone forming chemical Amount of Release
Methane19mU212 Platformer unitYESNOYES0.0 pounds
Ethane19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.0 pounds
Propane19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.0 pounds
n-Butane19mU212 Platformer unitNONONO0.0 pounds
Isobutane19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.0 pounds
Pentane19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.1 pounds
n-Pentane19mU212 Platformer unitNONONO0.0 pounds
Pentene Plus19mU212 Platformer unitNONONO0.3 pounds
Cyclohexane19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.1 pounds
n-Hexane19mU212 Platformer unitNONONO0.1 pounds
Benzene19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.0 pounds
Toluene19mU212 Platformer unitNONONO0.0 pounds
Xylene19mU212 Platformer unitNONONO0.0 pounds
Hydrogen19mU212 Platformer unitNONONO0.0 pounds
NOx19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.1 pounds
Carbon Monoxide19mU212 Platformer unitNOYESNO0.3 pounds
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)19mU212 Platformer unitNONOYES0.7 pounds
Particulate Matter 1019mU212 Platformer unitNOYESNO0.0 pounds
Particulate Matter 2.519mU212 Platformer unitNOYESNO0.0 pounds
Carbon Dioxide19mU212 Platformer unitYESNONO0.8 pounds

Accident Classified As: Below Reportable Quantity (BRQ)

Cause of Problem: Seal or Gasket

On May 22, a small leak and hydrogen fire was observed on the 48" flange on the process piping going from cell 1 of the Unit 212 Charge Heater to Reactor #1. The leak was pinhole sized in width and no larger than 1" around the circumference of the flange. The emission point involved was a flange on a process line in the U212 Platformer unit.

Discharge Preventable - Under Investigation

Notes/Remedial Actions

Steam was applied to the flange to extinguish the flame and the flange was hot bolted to secure the leak. Once the investigation is complete, recommendations will be implemented. An additional followup on 10/23/13 corrected the initial followup report's emissions data regarding greenhouse gas releases.