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Marathon Ashland Petroleum (3165), Garyville

LDEQ Accident Report

Accident #145377
State Police #12-07880
Accident Date2012-12-15
Report Date 2012-12-21
Follow-up Date 2013-10-09
Follow-up: Yes

Pollutants Released

Pollutant Duration Point Source Greenhouse Gas Criteria Pollutant Ozone forming chemical Amount of Release
WaterSouth FlareNONONOBRQ
Nitrous Oxide18h 40mSouth FlareYESYESYES7.5 pounds
Compressed Flammable Gas18h 40mSouth FlareNONOYES1,335.8 pounds
Nitrogen Oxide18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNOYESYES385.0 pounds
Carbon Monoxide18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNOYESNO2,095.0 pounds
Sulfur Dioxide18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNOYESNO121.8 pounds
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES1,573.5 pounds
Particulate Matter 1018h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNOYESNO42.2 pounds
Particulate Matter 2.518h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNOYESNO42.2 pounds
Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds (HRVOCs)18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO9.9 pounds
Hydrogen Sulfide18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO395.0 pounds
Methane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareYESNOYES893.6 pounds
Ethane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES6.0 pounds
Ethylene18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES839.8 pounds
Propane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES3.9 pounds
Propylene18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES3.9 pounds
n-Butane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO264.5 pounds
Isobutane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES264.5 pounds
n-Pentane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO2.1 pounds
T-butene218h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO2.8 pounds
cis-2-Butene18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO166.6 pounds
Pentene Plus18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO5,674.2 pounds
Carbon Dioxide18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareYESNONO5,660.0 pounds
Hydrogen18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO1,255.4 pounds
Nitrogen18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO125.7 pounds
Oxygen18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO5.9 pounds
Compressed Flammable Liquid18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES10.6 pounds
Isopentane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONOYES6.3 pounds
n-Hexane18h 40mUnit 59 South FlareNONONO952.4 pounds
Ammonia18h 40mSouth FlareNONONO7.5 pounds

Accident Classified As: Reportable Quantity

Cause of Problem: Piping or Tubing

A tube leaked on the Unit 15 Hot Separator Overhead Fin Fans at 17:52 hours. At 18:00, the unit was undergoing emergency shutdown procedures and the U15 dump valve was opened to the flare. The incident was a Gas Oil leak in the Unit 15 Hot separator Overhead Fin Fan Exchangers. This leak caused a vapor release of hydrocarbons and hydrogen in addition to a small amount of hydrogen sulfide.

Discharge Preventable - Under Investigation

Not known at this time; the results of the incident investigation will determine whether or not this was preventable.

Notes/Remedial Actions

PDF was too large to upload. Unit 15 was depressurized to the South Flare to safely isolate the leaking Overhead Fin Fan. Once the unit pressure was sufficiently low in the unit, the Fin Fans were isolated and the leak stopped. An incident investigation will result in recommendations to prevent recurrence. The reportable quantities for hydrogen sulfide, compressed flammable gas, and compressed flammable liquid were exceeded during this event. A report on October 9, 2013, removed greenhouse gas emissions and revised the estimate of VOC emissions.