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ExxonMobil Refinery (2638), Baton Rouge

Citizen Complaints in 2007

LDEQ Accident Number
Complaint Date

Description: Ongoing problems with terrible odors emitting from one or more of the nearby chemical plants

Health Effects:

LDEQ Followup: yes

LDEQ Notes: checked nearest air monitoring station for readings on the two previous weekends, no atypical readings for ozone or Nox during either weekend, no spills or releases reported during these times, no odors detected

Investigation Delay: 2

Accident Report Filed:


Description: strong sulfur odor

Health Effects: headaches

LDEQ Followup: yes

LDEQ Notes: area of complaint was toured and no odors were observed, ExxonMobil did report a release of flammable gases, benzene, and xylene from a top hatch on a mixed gas oil tank, however, no RQs were exceeded

Investigation Delay: 93

Accident Report Filed:


Description: sulfur odor inundating LDEQ lab, appears to come from N but Fri, it seemed to come from E, was pervasive on 9/19 and 9/20 and again 9/28 and 10-2

Health Effects:

LDEQ Followup: yes

LDEQ Notes: releases were reported from Exxon on 9/18 and 9/20, release related to cat cracker unit, reports of a SO2 and SO3 release on the 19th, Exxon reported a release from a top hatch on a storage tank

Investigation Delay: 120

Accident Report Filed: 99633, 995