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Calumet Lubricants 1 (1224), Princeton

Releases in 2010

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source/Release CauseNotes

Point Source(s):
Vacuum Distillation Crude Unit

Crude Oil - 0
Cause of Problem: Power Failure

Power failure on the Vac Distillation Crude Unity released crude oil & flammable vapors to concrete/rock location beneath the unit. Exact amount of release not given.
Foam applied to suppress vapors & prevent flash; distillation unit drained & repaired; crude oil flushed to adjacent drain that empties into the facility's oil/water separator. File contains LDEQ report and field report. No refinery letter. PHOTOS.

Point Source(s):
no information given

Heavy Hydrotreated Naphthenic Distillates - 200 gallons
Cause of Problem: No Information Given

Tank overfilled; release contained within the firewall.
Free oil vacuumed up and placed in the crude supply, residual washed down and collected for placement in the wastewater system, contaminated soil removed. Site inspection verified full clean-up on 4/13/10. Verbal/Phone report, no refinery letter.

Point Source(s):
Asphalt Heating Chamber

Black Smoke - BRQ
Cause of Problem: Process Upset

LDEQ reports states that inspector "arrived at Calumet Refinery in Princeton, La. at 15:05 on 2/12/2012. Talked to Mr. Grady Lee, Calumet Safety Supervisor, and got details. Near the end of an asphalt reduction process some of the fraction gas escaping the boiler were back-pressured into the asphalt heating chamber (1600 to 1700 degrees Centigrade) and caught fire at about 1405. FIRE.
Report states that "The fire was contained within the vessel and was quenched with steam jets at about 15:00. There was no damage done to the fixtures, no explosion, and no injuries. Since the process was near shutdown time anyway, the operation was stopped. Black smoke was briefly emitted during the fire but stopped when the fire was put out."

Point Source(s):
tank 2029

Heavy Hydrotreated Naphthenic Distillates - 1,737 gallons
Cause of Problem: Human Factors

oil spill during transfer to tank 2029 --"personnel collected inaccurate gauges prior to transfer causing the tank to overfill"
RQ. Stopped product flow to tank, free product vacuumed, contaminated soil excavated and placed in solid waste holding pad for disposal at Webster Parish Landfill. Clean-up completed on 1/20/10. LDEQ Field Report conducted on 2/1/10 with photos. Subsequent follow up report written on Feb, 2, 2010.