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Valero (1238), Meraux

Releases of #6 Oil

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

Secondary containment area of Tank 80-7
Cause: the spill was discovered on 5/5/2007 at 7:30. As a result of heavy rainfall on the afternoon of 5/4/2007, rainwater flowed into an open tank man way which had been removed for maintenance. The rainwater displaced some of the oil remaining in the tank resulting in the spill

Followup: No Information Provided

Notes: There is no information as to whether this incident was preventable or not. Remedial Measures - Murphy Oil recovered the free liquids with a vacuum truck. Soil with signs of visual contamination is being removed for proper disposal. According to the LDEQ report, Stephen Faller of Murphy Oil stated that no material left the site and that a vacuum truck was used to remove the water/oil for proper treatment/disposal and any impacted soils were removed by a contractor for disposal at Woodside Lanl.
168.0 gallons

Pump at Tank 200-7
Cause: While collecting a sample from Tank 200-7, a laboratory technician observed 6-Oil under a pump and on the surrounding ground. He immediately notified Operations personnel who determined that the pump seal had failed. They proceeded to isolate the pump and stop the leak. It was determined that six barrels had spilled within the pump's concrete containment basin and another five barrels overflowed onto the surrounding grassy area. The root cause of this spill to be an improper pump seal flush design. Due to the improper design, variations in product density and low levels in Tank 200-7 may have reduced seal flush supply pressure and flow, allowing the seal to run dry and ultimately fail.

Followup: Yes

Notes: A vacuum truck was dispatched to remove as much of the 6-Oil as possible and shovels and a backhoe were used to remove the remaining material in the grassy area. Recovered liquids were transferred to the refinery for separation and treatment and the contaminated soil was moved to a roll off bin for off-site disposal. All soils and vegetation with visible contamination was removed for disposal at an offsite commercial landfill. Valero will modify the pump seal flush piping to allow for adequate seal flushing.
210.0 gallons