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Calumet Lubricants (312), Cotton Valley

Causal Factor: No Information Given

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release
No LDEQ Reported

WWTP Wasted Sludge Digester Tank
Cause: According to the refinery letter, "a pinhole leak developed about 6 feet up on the side of our WWTP Wasted Sludge Digester Tank."

Followup: No

Notes: BRQ: The pinhole leak was repaired and the WWTP operator was instructed to not raise the tank level above the pinhole as a precaution. The tank will be replaced in the next 2-3 months. Until then "normal daily control tests and compliance tests will continue." Refinery letter only. No LDEQ or SPOC reports.