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Phillips 66 (2538), Lake Charles

LDEQ Accident Report

Accident #149447
PDF AvailablePDF
State Police #13-02909
Accident Date2013-07-01
Report Date 2013-07-08
Follow-up Date 0000-00-00
Follow-up: No

Pollutants Released

Pollutant Duration Point Source Greenhouse Gas Criteria Pollutant Ozone forming chemical Amount of Release
Hydrogen Cyanide1dFCC Regenerator RLP0057NONONO640.8 pounds

Accident Classified As: No Information Given

Cause of Problem: Other - See text

Due to a change in estimating methodology based on a proactive analysis of stack test data from other facilities, the Phillips 66 Lake Charles Refinery believes that the HCN emissions from our refinery are above the reportable quantity of 10 lbs/day. The continuous release being reported is not the result of a malfunction or any change in operations but rather is due to a change in estimating methodology. These emissions occur during normal operations and, in our best professional judgement; these emissions are stable in quantity and rate during normal operations.

Discharge Preventable - No

This release is a result of normal operations. The FCC unit is being operated as designed.

Notes/Remedial Actions

Phillips 66 Lake Charles are evaluating applicable requirements to determine if these HCN emissions meet the federally-permitted release exemption.