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Motiva Enterprises (2719), Convent

LDEQ Accident Report

Accident #No LDEQ Number Available
State Police #05-07648
Accident Date2005-10-25
Report Date 2005-10-25
Follow-up Date 0000-00-00
Follow-up: Yes

Pollutants Released

Pollutant Duration Point Source Greenhouse Gas Criteria Pollutant Ozone forming chemical Amount of Release
Process WastewaterNo information givenSASTU and aeration basinNONONOBRQ

Accident Classified As:

Cause of Problem: Start Up, Shut Down

Shutdown of forward flow due to sulfuric acid in the wastewater syste

Discharge Preventable -

Notes/Remedial Actions

Will update status of incident in October DMR including volume of the transfer into south surge pond and sampling and monitoring results. Due to the shutdown of the forward flow through the process treatment system and the low pH the biological system was exposed to, we have experienced some biological die off. May see a spike in BOD and other parameters until biological system returns to full healt