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CITGO Petroleum (1250), Lake Charles

Citizen Complaints in 2010

LDEQ Accident Number
Complaint Date

Description: caller was flying over Citgo docks on pipeline control and reported a green substance in water/spill of materials (possibly antifreeze)

Health Effects:

LDEQ Followup: yes

LDEQ Notes: Citgo reported that they were doing hydrostatic testing in the refinery and releasing green dye into the waterway

Investigation Delay: 12

Accident Report Filed:


Description: odor of burning rubber smelled by complaintant while driving by industries - also observed flaring with black smoke

Health Effects:

LDEQ Followup: yes

LDEQ Notes: contacted complaintant, time of complaint found to coincide with Citgo Refinery's notification to State Police that of an incident involving a flare of sour gas which began at 2:20 PM on 12/14/10

Investigation Delay: 1

Accident Report Filed: 128156