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Honeywell (289, 183605), Baton Rouge

Releases in 2010

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source/Release CauseNotes

Point Source(s):
Brine Hold Tank

1,1-Dichloro-2,2,2-Trifluorethane (G-123) - 4,642 pounds
Cause of Problem: Piping or Tubing

Tubing came apart while transferring G-123 from a drum to the Brine Hole Tanks. Tank began to release G-123 to the area below.
Employee found the material overflowing and closed the valve under the tank. Absorbent was placed around the sump to absorb additional G-123 from entering into the freshwater outfall. The diversion gate at Outfall 003 was closed to divert water to the Plant's ETF system for treatment. Approximately 4642 pounds were released from the tank. Approximately 2190 pounds were released to the atmosphere with the remaining being diverted to the Plant's ETF for treatment.

Point Source(s):

Hydrochloric Acid - BRQ
1,1,1-Trifluoroethane - BRQ
Hydrofluoric Acid - BRQ
Chlorine Gas - BRQ
Cause of Problem: Maintenance/Procedures

The plant experienced a pipe leak in the OMNI 143A unit. The pipe integrity had been compromised during certain operating conditions of the unit that occur on an infrequent basis. These operating conditions are called catalyst burn downs. The pipe leak most likely developed during previous catalyst burn downs.
The unit was immediately shutdown to stop the leak. Water was also applied to the leak in order to minimize the emissions. The entire segment of the pipe that the leak occurred on was replaced with Teflon lined pipe in order to improve the integrity and prevent any future incidents.

Point Source(s):
pressure transmitter

Hydrochloric Acid - 533 pounds
Chlorodifluoromethane - 651 pounds
Cause of Problem: Maintenance/Procedures

The plant was in the process of repairing a pressure transmitter. When the transmitter was isolated for repair, this inadvertently caused an over pressure of the system.
DUring the over pressure, the relief valves on the system opened as designed. The relief valves vented through the low pressure scrubber system and then to the air.

Point Source(s):
calcium neutralizer

Hydrogen Chloride - 20 pounds
Calcium Chloride - 3,548 pounds
Cause of Problem: Process Upset

One of the reactors overflowed into secondary containment in the Calcium Process area. An employee found a small leak on top of the calcium neutralizer. A low level of limestone rocks and lime slurry contributed to the release.
The HCL feed line to the calcium carbonate reactor was shut down immediately. Release was sent to the process treatment area to be neutralized. All calcium chloride released was contained within a secondary containment area and sent to the Plant's Effluent Treatment System for treatment prior to discharge to the Mississippi River.

Point Source(s):
Liquid line off of the HF storage tank
line off of the HF storage tank

Hydrofluoric Acid - BRQ
Trichlorotrifluoroethane (G-113) - BRQ
Cause of Problem: Seal or Gasket

Liquid line off of the HF storage tank leaked from a flange.
The line was drained to the HF scrubber for discharge into the plant's effluent treatment system. Pulled the liquid to scrubber and it was overloaded. Once in the process wastewater line the HR reacted with caustic causing G-113 to be released to atmosphere.

Point Source(s):
storage tank #51

Sulfuric Acid - 750 pounds
Cause of Problem: Other - See text

An L&B tractor-trailer was in the process of off loading sulfuric acid into storage tank #51 when the tank overflowed. Sulfuric Acid impacted the concrete pad and was diverted into the process sewer treatment plant. Approximately 750 pounds of sulfuric acid was overflowed into the storage tank.
Sulfuric acid impacted the concrete pad and was diverted into the process sewer treatment plant.