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ExxonMobil Chemical Plant (286), Baton Rouge

Releases of Isopropyl Ether

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

Cause: An assistant operator found a flange on a level instrument tap leaking at the top of a tower. Immediately the tower feed was shut off, and the operator began to controllably depressure the tower to the flare system so that the leak could be repaired.


Notes: Immediately feed was cut out of the tower. It was depressured as quickly as possible so that the leak could be repaired. The flange gasket has been replaced. Per ExxonMobil Chemical's usual procedures, the next time the tower is scheduled to go on turnaround at the end of 2006, all the tower gaskets will be replaced.
4.0 pounds

seal on pump WMP07A
Cause: At 2:54am on August 4, 2012, the seal on pump WMP07A was discovered leaking isopropyl ether into secondary containment. Approximately 10 gallons of material leaked through a crack in the secondary containment onto the soil. Due to the nature of the isopropyl ether released of Approximately 1033 pounds of flammable vapor were released into the air.

Followup: No

Notes: Upon discovery the pump was immediately isolated and removed from service. The pump has been replaced and ExxonMobil is working with pump specialist to evaluate the specifications of the pump. Approximately 20 gallons of isopropyl ether were recovered from the sewer. Since 10 gallons were released to the soil with the the remaining material released into the sewer system (since ~20 gallons were recovered from the sewer there must have been at least 30 gallons total between soil and sewer). Only 4.7 gallons were reported. Approximately 1033 pounds of flammable vapor were released into the air. Upon discovery, the pump was isolated and removed from service. Air monitoring was conducted at 32nd (VOC <7ppm) and 29th (VOC <2ppm) streets along avenue A. There were no injuries, complaints, or offsite impact as a result of this incident.
4.7 gallons