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Motiva Enterprises (2719), Convent

Releases of Hydrogen

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

Hydrotreating Unit #2
Cause: The tubing failed due to its susceptibility to Chloride cracking. The combination of Chlorides, H2O, stress, and stainless steel tubing created a condition that allowed stress corrosion cracking to occur in the Inside Diameter (ID).

Followup: Yes

Notes: The immediate air was evacuated, as IES and Motiva's emergency response staff responded to the incident. Air monitoring detected no off site impact. Release was stopped via water suppression and installation of valves at each release point. Motiva will verify that the material to replace the tubing is appropriate in resistance to stress, H2O and Chloride cracking. Will determine the presence of the tubing on HTU-2 documenting the items for replacement. Will establish a risk assessment criteria to identify and replace tubing that is high risk for ID initiated stress and corrosion cracking. Follow-up report: reported relese did exceed the 1,000 pound RQ for flammable gas
5,910.0 pounds

Plant 21 Piperack
Cause: A welder in the Plant 21 Piperack released his electrode holder to suspend from the pipe as he maneuvered in the piperack. The electrode contracted a 1/2-inch instrumentation line on a hydrogen line and subsequently arced. The arcing caused the electrode to melt a small hole in the instrumentation line. The welder noticed this caused a gas release/fire. The welder notified the shift coordinator, who in-turn notified the shift superintendent.

Followup: No

Notes: The immediate area was evacuated, as IES and Motiva's emergency response staff responded to the incident. Off-site air monitoring was conducted for hazardous vapors, but there was no apparent off-site impact. The release and fire were stopped via water suppression and blocking-in a valve up-flow from the release point. Several actions will be taken to prevent future recurrences. Communications between Operations, Safety and contractor personnel will be more clear and detailed in regards to the work area, safety issues, and countermeasures. More thorough inspection of each work area will be conducted while determining safety hazards and necessary countermeasures. Primarily, the welder will take care in movement and placement of the electrode during and after use, so as to not inadvertently contact components causing an arc.
261.0 pounds

Flange connection on a reactor that was prepared for maintenance
Cause: Fire occurred during shutdown of HTU-3 unit. Maintenance personnel were cutting bolts with an acetylene torch with a mixture of Nitrogen and Hydrogen was released causing fire.

Followup: No

Notes: Fire immediately extinguished.

oil recycle gas compressor
Cause: "small hydrogen leak" on H-Oil Unit Recycle Gas Compressor 70-C-101 No RQ exceeded No LDEQ report in this file--brief letter only

Followup: No

Notes: no information given

hydrotreating unit no. 2
Cause: Fire due to hydrogen leaking from a heat exchanger at hydrotreating unit no. 2. No LDEQ report in this file.

Followup: No

Notes: "personnel immediately extinguished the fire"
3.0 pounds

Cause: see notes

Followup: No

Notes: Fire on the HGU began as a result of an Exchanger Leak

Process Unit: Catalytic Reformer Unit
Cause: line leak developed due to internal corrosion

Followup: No

Notes: Motiva Pressure Equipment Integrity Group has been tasked with evaluating this line and making recommendations that will reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.
167.0 pounds

HTU no. 3
Cause: Sight glass on a vessel blew out. State police hazmat report only.

Followup: No

Notes: No info given. Verbal report only, no letter from the refinery or LDEQ.

Flange: H-Oil Unit
Cause: LDEQ states that a leak at a flange occurred, causing a hydrogen and light cycle oil cloud to develop while bringing the unit up.

Followup: No

Notes: BRQ. Refinery letter states that "detailed calculations performed...and that no RQ exceedence" occurred." Temperature and pressure were reduced so that the flange could be bolted, and the leak could be stopped.

Cause: "tubing to the instrument broke and releasing H2 and H2S."


Notes: No information given.

unspecified hydrogen pipe
Cause: Hydrogen pipe leaked and caught fire. State Police Hazmat report states that material did go offsite. FIRE.

Followup: No

Notes: Fire extinguished by on-site personnel, leak secured, air monitors at perimeter of facility read zero. State Police Hazmat report only. No LDEQ or refinery letter in file.

Pressure Swing Adsorber
Refinery Heaters
Cause: Flaring due to unplanned shutdown of Pressue Swing Adsorber (PSA) system. Oxygen analyzer on VPS-2 Atm Heater went into alarm due to composition change in fuel gas caused by PSA's startup. Additionally, a malfunctioning pressure controller within the Amine regeneration Unit caused the kick back valve on the amine pump.

Followup: Yes

Notes: BRQ. No information given.