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Motiva Enterprises (2719), Convent

Releases of Diesel Fuel

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

Pump 14P-305
Cause: At approximately 7:35 pm smoke was observed coming from the HTU-2 area. Unit operations personnel subsequently discovered a fire on pump 14P-305 originating from the pump's outboard seal.

Followup: No

Notes: The event was localized in the refinery. Pump was isolated from associated process units so as not to affect unit operations. No reportable quantities were exceeded.
200.0 gallons

truck fuel tank
Cause: Truck driver hit a pole after delivering to Motiva, rupturing a saddle fuel tank and spilling 50 gal diesel fuel; 6 gal got into storm drain. Report letter from Schwerman Trucking Co. not Motiva.

Followup: No

Notes: spill recovered with absorbents, blocked off storm drain line, vacuum truck recovered 6gal that got into storm drain, contaminated crushed shells and dirt along roadway removed and replaced with clean ones.
50.0 gallons
No LDEQ Reported

Dock No. 2
Cause: While in the process of loading diesel at Dock No. 2, approximately 15 gallons of product spilled to the secondary containment on the dock with approximately 2 gallons being released to the river from the secondary containment. The cause of the spill was the result of unintentionally leaving Dock Arm #3 drain valve open during the initial stages of the transfer. The dock arm inboard drain valve was lined up to the dock slop oil tank rather than being in the closed position per the loading procedure.

Followup: No

Notes: Diesel spilled on the dock was pumped back into the slop system. The diesel that fell to the grating below the dock was cleaned with absorbent pads and disposed of as oily contaminated industrial solid waste. Any diesel that reached the river was dispersed and naturally attenuated. To prevent recurrence of the incident, the penetration through the decking which allowed the diesel to reach the river will be sealed. Motiva is also evaluating a better way to manage the drain valve position and ensure the slop system operates as designed. A coaching session has been held with the dock operator and the importance of following procedures has been emphasized.
15.0 gallons