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ExxonMobil Refinery (2638), Baton Rouge

Releases of Process Wastewater

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release
No LDEQ Reported

D-24B, the 24 Flare Knocokut Drum
Cause: Personnel discovered processed waste water leaking into a storm water sewer. The unauthorized discharge was a result of water within a Phenex drum at PCLA overfilling into the flare system causing D-24B, the Flare Knockout drum, to carry over into D-24A Seal drum which then carried over into the storm water sewer. Processed waste water is not permitted to enter a storm water sewer.

Followup: No

Notes: PCLA controller made adjustments to operations in order to reduce the level in the Phenex drum. Also, the Gas Collector started P-24 pump which lowered the level in D-24B, and the WCLA controller diverted the 3/4 separators to tanks 21 and 22. Exxon is currently evaluating how best to detect and prevent this incident in the future. The duration of this incident is an estimated 5 hours and 30 minutes, but since the actual start time is unknown, the time could be slightly longer The pounds released is unknown, and no information provided if this release is RQ.