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ExxonMobil Refinery (2638), Baton Rouge

Releases of Methanol

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

MTBE Unit Exchanger E-557
Cause: MTBE Unit Exchanger was discovered to leaking into the condensate system causing vapor to flash off. The failure mechanism causing the leak in the exchanger is listed as unknown.

Followup: No

Notes: Incidents 06-00380, 06-00401 occurred simultaneously on January 19th and on Jan. 20th 06-00406 occurred, overlapping with the first two. The reportable quanitites for highly reactive volitile organic compounds and flamable vapors were exceeded whenthe emissions from these three events were summed over the first 24 hour period beginning with the initiantion of the rlease from the No. 2 Powerformer Unit. With regard to the 24 hour period beginning with the release at the MTBE Unit, there were nportable quanity exceedances for this period of time. The emissions limit exceeded the reportable quanitity threshold only during the time when all three incidents were taking place simultaneously. The mortar in T-4X will be replaced with a Furan re