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CITGO Petroleum (1250), Lake Charles

Releases of Vacuum Gas Oil

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

Cause: cross over hose on the Kirby Barge ruptured spilling into Calcasieu River

Followup: No

Notes: Responsible party not known. CITGO claims it is not the source of the release

Cause: drip pan askew below a section of piping under construction

Followup: No

Notes: All work in the dock area was reviewed for spill / release potentials. The sheen was unrecoverable.

Tank 35 at CLAW Facility
Cause: mechanical failure of a line clamp

Followup: No

Notes: Verbal report and DEQ report state that approx 5 barrels spilled; CITGO letter states it was 1.5. Line clamp was repaired
210.0 gallons

Tank #35
Cause: Mechanical failure of a line clamp inside Tank #35 dike wall.

Followup: Yes

Notes: The line was deactivated. Response personnel were called to remediate the spill. The line clamp was repaired.
63.0 pounds

Transfer pipe
Cause: During transfer operations a pipeline leaked and released 1.2 barrels of vacuum gas oil to the soil.

Followup: No

Notes: The transfer was shut down. Impacted soils were remediated. The line was clamped and taken out of service.
50.4 gallons
No LDEQ Reported

Transfer Line at D-Dock
Cause: After completion of the cargo loading and while disconnecting transfer lines, a spill occurred at the CITGO LCM D-Dock. The spill was due to the GENISIS Marine Barge GM 3003, operated by TEAM Services, pressuring back to the dock for reasons that remain under review. The offsite impact was the release of .74 gallons of VGO to the Calcasieu River.

Followup: No

Notes: The TEAM Services Tanker man closed off the valve which stopped the back pressure on the line from the GENESIS Marine Barge GM 3003. A review of the incident is being conducted to determine the root cause and implement corrective actions.
0.7 gallons