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Chalmette Refining (1376), Chalmette

Releases of Hydrogen Flouride

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

Unspecified valve
Cause: Packing leak on valve.

Followup: No

Notes: Chalmette Refining provided a courtesy notification to the LDEQ regarding a release of Hydrogen Fluoride on November 29, 2011. After further review, there were no RQ exceedances or permit violations as a result of this event.
10.0 pounds

D acid cooler
Flare #1
Cause: On October 30, personnel identified increased fluoride levels of routine samples at the battery limits of the Alkylation unit in the cooling water return system from 0.39 parts per million (ppm) to 0.5 ppm. Based on preliminary findings, the "D" acid cooler at the alkylation unit appears to have developed a leak. Sampling conducted at Outfall 013, which measures fluoride concentration, suggests a neutral pH, dilute solution of HF was leaking from a heat exchanger in the cooling water system and discharged through the outfall. CRLLC personnel began to shutdown the unit in order to isolate the cooler on October 31. As a result of the leak and subsequent shutdown of the unit, intermittent flaring occurred at the #1 Flare beginning on October 31 and ending on November 2.

Followup: No

Notes: The Alkylation Unit was shut down in a safe and controlled manner in order to isolate the acid cooler. The acid cooler is being inspected and repaired to minimize the risk of recurrence. The rates were reduced and the acid was evacuated from the unit. Fluoride samples were measured from the cooling water effluent throughout the shutdown of the unit. The pH of Outfall 013 was continuously monitored.
218.0 pounds

Outfall 013
Flare #1
Cause: On Monday, March 17, 2014, at approximately 05:11 hours, the analyzer at the battery limits of the Alkylation unit indicated slightly elevated fluoride levels at the battery limits in the cooling water return system. At approximately 10:30, unit personnel identified that the "D" acid cooler at the unit had developed a leak. Shift super was notified of the potential of a small hydrogen fluoride leak in the cooler. This cooling water return is combined with, and diluted by, the once through cooling water system from other process units which discharges at Outfall 013 into the Mississippi River. As a result of the leak and shutdown of Alkylation unit, flaring occurred at the #1 flare beginning on March 18 at approximately 17:00 in order to safely shut down the unit. During the permitted flaring event, the waste gas compressor K-406 tripped on March 19 at 20:26 and routed waste gas to the #1 flare. Flaring was completed on March 20 at 19:00.

Followup: No

Notes: Sampling was conducted at Outfall 013 to measure the fluoride concentration. It was determined that a neutral pH, dilute solution of HF was being discharged through the outfall. Agencies were notified of a potential HF reportable quantity exceedence on March 17 at approximately 16:25. The refinery conservatively estimated all measured fluorides as neutralized HF. All releases of HF were in a diluted water phase and no HF was released to the atmosphere. No reportable quantities were exceeded for HF during the event on a 24-hour rolling basis. This release did not result in any known impacts to the community or environment.
106.0 pounds