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Chalmette Refining (1376), Chalmette

Releases of Compressed Flammable Liquid

LDEQ Accident Number
Accident Date
Point Source(s) Notes Amount of Release

Cause: During a transfer of gasoline to tank 6303 (D-6303), gasoline was observed leaking from the side of tank 6305 (D-6305). Tank 6305 later was determined to have been unintentionally filled past capacity, causing overflow to leak through tank side vent. 123,836 pounds of gasoline released to the ground. Report documents amounts volatilized. However, total amounts released to environment in report attached do not add up to 123,836. States 123,836 lbs of flammable organic liquid 'including' the benzene, xylene, and VOCs.

Followup: Yes

Notes: Contained liquid in tank area and recovered via vacuum truck. Water and foam applied to minimize volatilization and migration into soil. Note that report attached to letter contains information about other compounds released to the environment. Air monitoring report and soil sampling report were requested and provided by letters dated 1/18/05 and 2/28/05, which are attached to the report file. Field interview form states that 582 bbls of gasoline were released, but everything else states 481 bbls. The quantities of pollutants listed in this report were the portion that Chalmette Refinery claims were volatilized; under the Reportability of Liquid Product and Chemical Spills, the Notification Instructions lists that the quantities released were 123,836 lbs of oil (gas), 2748 lbs flammable gases, 980.8 lbs benzene, 8173.2 lbs xylenes. Further in report it is declared that 2747.7 lbs of pollutants were released offsite. Accutest Lab summary of soil testing adds Toluene and TPH-GRO to pollutant list.
Gasoline-see report

number one pump around
Cause: -- piping leak on number one pump around

Followup: No

Notes: Claims emission was below RQ.

Desulphurization unit clamp
Cause: Desulphurization unit clamp leaked.

Followup: No

Notes: RQ not exceeded.