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Phillips 66 (2538), Lake Charles

LDEQ Accident Report

Accident #130200
State Police #11-01725
Accident Date2011-03-26
Report Date 2011-03-29
Follow-up Date 0000-00-00
Follow-up: No

Pollutants Released

Pollutant Duration Point Source Greenhouse Gas Criteria Pollutant Ozone forming chemical Amount of Release
No Information GivenNo Information GivenNo Information GivenNONONO 

Accident Classified As:

Cause of Problem: Other - See text

Refinery letter initially states that they received a call of citizen complaints regarding smoke in the area. At the time of the call there was a FCC unit starting-up and experiencing opacity exceedance from particulate matter. Subsequently the letter states that ConocoPhillips found out an unrelated fire started on Pete Manena Rd. and facility concluded that the original citizen report was related to the fire and not the refinery.

Discharge Preventable - Not Applicable

Notes/Remedial Actions